… it’s worth remembering what gave rise to the ban on assassinations. It is, to put it mildly, an easy power to abuse. Bin Laden didn’t get a trial and didn’t deserve one. But the number of people for whom that is true is small.

- Jeffrey Toobin

I’m not weeping for bin Laden, but there’s a certain whiplash to reading this quote from Toobin in the same week that The New Yorker ran his thoughtful piece on Danalynn Recer’s work to help convicted murderers escape the death penalty:

"People want us to apologize for the company we keep, but I don’t buy it," she told me. "I don’t apologize for saying I love my clients in all their complexity. We insist on seeing their humanity, despite what they’ve done. That’s what mitigation is all about. I’m not motivated just to make the system fair. I’m motivated to help these broken people and despised people. I’m in it to stand up for them."

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