… though I used to suffer greatly from the five bad Internet emotions listed above, I am now better at controlling my experience, and as often as not I have happy Internet emotions. If I were to make a list of five, they might be:

*A satisfaction from having read through the carefully cultivated list of Web sites you visit daily, which keep you informed and awaken you to astonishing things worth knowing, and which you never would have known without the Internet.

*An appreciation of your ability to discipline yourself, which is strengthened every time you limit your Internet usage to meaningful content and activities.

*A feeling of amazement that there is so much good writing and design in the world, much of which happens to be available on the Internet, plus a general amazement at human inventiveness.

*A joy from being able to view pictures, watch videos, Skype, G-chat, Tweet, etc., with your people.

*A happiness that comes from being able to be inventive yourself—to create on a whim a beautiful Tumblr or to participate in a discussion on an interesting topic with other like-minded readers.

- Macy Halford of newyorker.com’s The Book Bench blog

Her full post is here.

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