"I didn’t realize we were bragging"

Maybe I’m the last to know about David Rees. He’s the guest on the latest episode of Brad Listi’s “Other People” podcast. He turns out to be very funny. If you ever hear me attempt to droll up a conversation by saying “I didn’t realize we were bragging,” you will know it’s because I stole the line from Rees …

REES: Well, first of all, I never had any kind of sports memorabilia on my wall. Wasn’t really my scene. I did have some pretty amazing Lamborghini sports-car posters on the wall because I went through a phase where I was obsessed with Italian sports cars.  

LISTI: I had a Porsche.

REES: You literally had a Porsche? Or you mean a poster?

LISTI: No. I had a poster.

REES: I was gonna say. It must be nice. I didn’t realize we were bragging. Yeah, I used to have two Izod button-down shirts.

The interview also features a surprisingly elaborate dialogue on the aesthetics of phone numbers. And there’s still about 25 minutes to go.

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